Letter of Readiness

3 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font.

Students: This letter should sum up your experience preparing for this INCREDIBLE sacrament! Father Richard, your faithful leader, wants to hear about how your heart has been transformed this year. Be yourself, be authentic, and show the leader of our parish the fruits of your experience. Explain to Fr. Richard WHY YOU ARE READY for this sacrament.

Questions to consider answering in your letter:

  1. What was the most powerful moment of your preparation this year?
  2. What was your favorite overhaul opportunity that you completed, and why?
  3. What was something you didn’t think you would enjoy that you were wrong about?
  4. Who did you pick as your Confirmation Saint, and why?
  5. Who did you pick as your sponsor, and why?
  6. What excites you most about being confirmed?
  7. What is your next step to continue this growth in your Catholic faith?
  8. What role does the Holy Spirit play in your life, and in your prayer?
  9. Which fruit of the Holy Spirit do you think you have grown in most this year?
  10. Why is it important for us to normalize prayer?
  11. What is one way you can normalize prayer in your life

This letter should be free of spelling/grammatical errors. Begin the letter with “Dear Fr. Richard,” and be sure to sign it by hand at the completion of the letter. In your opening paragraph, you should formally request the Sacrament, and then support your request throughout the rest of the letter. If you need help, just ask me—I’ll be happy to help!    -Johnny Philp

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