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Register for Good Shepherd

Welcome to our Good Shepherd Parish Family.  Click here to register online. Print, complete and return your form to the parish office.  There are several ways to return your registration form:

  • Deliver to parish office during office hours
  • Mail it to: 1000 Tinker Road, Colleyville, TX  76034
  • Fax it to:  817-421-4709

Once your registration is received you will receive your welcome letter from Father Richard. Should you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help you.                return to top

Online Giving

Being a stewardship focused parish, it is important to have visible time, talent and treasure.  An easy way to manage your visible treasure is by signing up for our easy online program Faith Direct.  When you sign up for faith direct your contributions will be all be handled electronically and you will no longer have worries about forgetting your envelopes.  It is a quick and convenient way to manage your contributions all from the convenience of your own computer.  If you should have any questions regarding Faith Direct please contact Teresa Isakson at the parish office 817-421-1387.  return to top

Lifelong Faith Formation - Young Disciples Grades K-4

Our Young Disciples Adventure follows a dramatic interactive approach for all of our children’s sessions.  It’s critical that our children look forward to learning more about their faith.  We want every child to look forward to coming to faith formation sessions each week.  We believe that a style of program helps to accomplish this.  Click here to learn more or to register for faith formation.   return to top


Middle School Youth Ministry

Religious education for grades 5-8 is a comprehensive youth ministry program.  It focuses on a holistic approach by researching this age group on all levels:  emotional, intellectual, spiritual and relational.  We focus on a non-classroom model that engages the evangelizes this age group in  a relevant and dynamic way.  We hold various youth events and retreats throughout the year. Bridge and Crossroads are the middle school components.    return to top

Welcome High School Students and Parents!

GSCC Student Ministry is for high school students here at Good Shepherd.  In this ministry, we “challenge students know Christ, live the Gospel, and build the Kingdom” through retreats and events, evangelistic catechesis, and discipleship through relational ministry. As a parish striving to live out the new evangelization, our mission is to help teens become true disciples by connecting them to authentic worship, life-giving community, and discipleship mentors within our parish.

Our primary gathering for students is High School Faith Formation.  It meets Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 p.m., from October through May.  High School Faith Formation is based on the principal activities of Jesus’ followers in Acts 2:42 – celebrating the Eucharist, fellowship, learning Church teaching, and prayer.  We gather after Mass for a Life Night or Social Night, heavily influenced by Life Teen curriculum.  We break open conversation within small groups, and then regather for prayer before sending teens out and onto their busy week!

Students 15 years of age and older are encouraged to begin their journey in Student Ministry by exploring the faith at a high school level through the Confirmation preparation program.  Students are encouraged to build the habits of being a disciple and ask questions about the faith.  Students at any grade level are welcome to do their Confirmation preparation if they decide not to take this opportunity as a freshman.

Additional opportunities, retreats and youth conferences are made available throughout the year.  Visit our website at www.gsccstudents.net to learn more!

We look forward to serving you and your families!

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