"Come, follow me." - Mt. 4:19  |  "Go, make disciples." - Mt. 28:19

Our Vision for Evangelization & Discipleship

As Catholics, Jesus calls us to be disciples and to make disciples. Making disciples is called evangelization. Evangelization is at the heart of all our ministries at Good Shepherd because evangelization is at the heart of what it means to follow Jesus Christ. 

Moving forward as a parish community, let’s reflect together on the five characteristics of being a disciple: welcome, encounter, grow, serve, and share. What is the purpose? 

We are seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and a greater urgency in living out our Catholic calling of evangelization.

A disciple ENCOUNTERS Jesus Christ.

We desire that parishioners, seekers, and guests experience the love of God the Father through a transformative encounter with Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, leading them to commit their lives to Jesus as disciples.

Be Disciples. Make Disciples.   

How We Form Disciples
We seek to foster a lifestyle of discipleship focused on the five characteristics of a disciple:

      welcome                    encounter                    grow                    serve                    share             

As we reflect on discipleship throughout the year, we will be adding our Parish Roadmap videos to the pages above.